Management Philosophy

Management that strives for change and realizes
the happiness and growth of all people
that we are linked with.

We have established a management philosophy and code of conduct as guidelines for managing our company and to conduct business activities. In the entertainment industry where changes in needs are extreme, we take up the challenge of always changing our own appearance and the company’s appearance without hesitation using the keyword “strive.” Responding to change from a long historical perspective is of course a matter of survival, and we believe that an organization only becomes valuable by taking on the challenges of seeing just a step beyond changes and being a leader that brings about change.

Linked Brain has been supported by many clients, employees, and partners since its inception, and the company now has a relationship with many stakeholders. “Link” is part of our name, meaning that these are relationships we cherish. As we conduct our business activities, we think about the happiness and growth of the people that we are linked with and desire to share the joy of growing together.

Linked Brain Mindset

 Continue to take on challenges 

We keep striving to innovate, never hesitating, always maintaining a perspective that sets its sights beyond what is standard in the industry.
Looking toward the future, we think about improving ourselves and our associates, so that we keep on growing.

 Continued professionalism 

Using our professional skills, we will deliver results to our clients that surpass their expectations.
We put extra effort into everything and are adamant about providing the highest quality and value.

 Maintain a team spirit 

We spare no effort in helping our associates and have the kind of team spirit that shares both successes and failures.
Maintaining our self-discipline, we will never lose appreciation for our stakeholders, or a sense of humility.

 Company-based contribution 

We value meeting with others, building relationships with parties outside of the company, and contributing to the company beyond the scope of work.
We actively speak using our own words and contribute to the organization by sharing and accumulating knowledge.

 Social contribution 

We will fulfill our social and public missions, pushing for social contribution and regional development.
Our company always considers benefits for our customers, provides suggestions, and strives to obtain customer satisfaction and repeat business.

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