Game development, operation, and design
Human resources agency specializing in the gaming industry

Our Services

Game solutions

Our dedicated team provides optimal solutions at various stages of game development and operation, including game planning, development, operation, scenario, art, and sound solutions.

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Utilizing technologies such as AI development and VR/MR, our planners take an approach fitting the customer’s PR, marketing, and content development needs.

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Human resources service

We provide help with matching people with companies through EncreMatch, a career consulting service that specializes in the IT and game industries. We resolve resource shortages in various ways including employment introduction, dispatching, and matching freelance employees with companies.

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Once we receive your inquiry, our sales director will contact you to find out more about your request.
We will offer you the best proposal in line with the content of your request. If you want to make a request but are not sure how to proceed, we will propose optimal methods while providing you with actual case examples and past achievements. Please feel free to contact us.

Preliminary Meeting/Estimate

We will carefully listen to your requests and make optimal planning and production proposals. We will then prepare an estimate based on what the work involves and the required person-hours.




We will proceed with production in cooperation with the person in charge at your end.




After performing a final check, we will deliver the produced content using the method specified.

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