Gaming industry staffing service

Human resources agency specializing in the gaming industry

We handle a wide range of regular/contract employee career change support, dispatch work, and outsourcing projects.
Linked Brain also handles a wide range of freelance-based projects, and will come up with a proposal that meets your needs.

Employment support for companies

Support system made possible by our specialization in the gaming industry

As an agency specializing in the gaming industry, our specialized staff support company employment strategies.
We help you to resolve human resource shortages from various angles such as employment placement, dispatching, and matching of freelance workers with companies.

Fee-based employment placement, part-time job placement, employment placement dispatching, and potential employment placement.

Employment and job change support for job seekers

Helping people find ideal projects

Our career counselor specializing in the gaming industry will serve you according to your job hunting or career change aims. We will match you with projects/companies that match your needs through various employment frameworks such as regular employee, contract employee, temporary staff, and freelance-based employment.

Meetings, required document correction, portfolio checks, interview practice, etc.

In addition to its Tokyo headquarters, Linked Brain also has offices in Fukuoka; so, we cover the major metropolitan areas of Tokyo, Fukuoka.

We provide support through cooperation between our different offices.

Our company covers areas where many gaming companies, studios, and art houses are gathered, so we flexibly respond through in-house cooperation which takes your desired work location into consideration.

Meetings and interview scheduling

Employment placement process

Required document submission

We gather the required documents at the time of application and compile any background experience that can be made use of.



Company screening

We will help you with interview scheduling, etc. so that the screening process moves along smoothly.



Tentative job offers

We move forward in the process so that you can enter a company in a way that satisfies both parties, such as negotiating employment conditions after receiving a tentative job offer.

Gaming industry-focused agency service

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