Game solutions

Providing game development and operation support

Although work is normally performed remotely on consignment, permanent staffing is also available. Please contact us if you are interested.

Development support

One of Linked Brain’s strengths is providing consultations from the planning stage. From project direction and planning to server-side development, our in-house and external professional staff will provide the support you need.

Project direction, planning, specifications creation, server development, and client development

Operation support

Allow Linked Brain to take care of your project from the operation stage.
We analyze not only measures and plans but their results as well. Optimal solutions are proposed through multifaceted support, including data and customer support.

Project direction, planning, KPI analysis, announcement correspondence, customer support, and debugging

Text creation

Staff who can flexibly respond to world view creation at the planning stage, design at the operation stage, and character production instruction sheets are all here at Linked Brain! We also support localization, so please consult us when considering global deployment.

World view creation, scenarios, character settings, design instruction, and localization

2D design creation

Our team of illustrators and designers are proficient in producing various artistic materials such as character illustrations, image boards, backgrounds, and 3D drawings, in addition to quality banners and UI. Aside from original works, producing high quality merchandise illustrations is also made by possible by utilizing our members` ability in reproducing illustrations. All of these qualities are made possible due to our extensive knowledge and expertise in game development.

Art direction, illustration, UIs, banners, animation, and avatars

3D design production

We support not only character and background modeling and animation, but also art direction. So, we can help with early development, such as quality control and specification design, in line with your specifications.

Art direction, specification design, 3D models, 3D maps, level design, and motion

Detailed case examples

Our project track record goes well beyond the productions we have listed. Please contact us for a complete picture of our projects.

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