Linked Brain and the Institute for Information Industry (100% funded by the Taiwanese government) Sign MOU for Mutual Invigoration of the Japan-Taiwan Gaming Industry

Linked Brain and the Institute for Information Industry (100% funded by the Taiwanese government) Sign MOU for Mutual Invigoration of the Japan-Taiwan Gaming Industry

Linked Brain Inc. (Representative Directors: Minoru Fujita, Shingo Iwamoto. Address: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Hereafter, “Linked Brain”) and the Institute for Information Industry (Address: Taipei, Taiwan. Hereafter, “III” [“Triple-I”]) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the aim of creating opportunities between Japan and Taiwan for training human resources in the gaming industry such as game creators and engineers, building an environment for energizing exchange, and mutually studying the construction of a business to support growth for both Taiwanese and Japan-based game companies.

1. Background As Japanese game companies globalize (expand services overseas), more and more game companies will expand overseas in future. Already, mobile online game companies are increasingly launching new ventures such as development centers and production studios in places like Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand. In addition, game companies setting up new bases enjoy support and cooperation from governments in countries where they have set up, and more and more Japanese game companies are planning to expand overseas in future.

Linked Brain is getting more and more requests each year for practical consultations, such as operational support from game companies considering expanding distribution services globally to the Asian and Western regions.

2. Purpose There are movements to support the establishment of local subsidiaries for companies expanding into Asia and to create a base hub in Taiwan by companies planning to expand local distribution services. At Linked Brain, we are working with Japanese gaming companies who intend to expand a range of businesses globally, starting with Asia, as well as considering research with III regarding the status of legal and environmental groundwork in Taiwan, exchanging opinions and human resources, and constructing relationships with local companies.

Both parties will continue discussions on support for energizing the Taiwanese gaming industry (making both companies and human resources more sophisticated), utilizing Linked Brain’s knowledge and expertise in the gaming industry.

Linked Brain and III will work closely together to provide local information and respond to inquiries, with the goal of ensuring smooth reactions by Japanese and Taiwanese game companies through more practical support.

3. Outline (1) Human resources collaboration between Japan and Taiwan, and creation of an environment that allows creators to interact Japanese companies will host top-class Taiwanese engineers with the goals of training people and personal interaction. In addition, Linked Brain will be responsible for support for career enhancement and changing jobs for these game creators, acting as a consultation office.

(2) Measures to improve the quality of Taiwanese game creators Linked Brain will provide practical information that draws on our network of game companies and the expertise we have built up through providing operational support services to game companies. We will also continue to study our support content to match the current status and situation of each company.

(3) Discussions and study on RPO for Japanese game companies in Taiwan Linked Brain shares information and research with III with the goal of being the initial place for consultations and for providing information related to moving into or expanding in Taiwan to Japanese game companies. We are constructing a liaison system to work closely with III (Triple-I), both as the laws and regulations for conducting business in Taiwan are not the same as in Japan, and in order to stay abreast of the latest situation for creators as well as consumer status, and understand and respond appropriately to industry trends.

We will continue to deepen our partnership with III to allow us to kick off initiatives based on this outline, and provide services as a company that will benefit both Japanese and Taiwanese game companies.

Company Overview
Company Name: Linked Brain Inc.
Representative: Representative Directors Minoru Fujita and Shingo Iwamoto
Corporate Address: Kojimachi M Building, 4F, 3-12-12 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Capital: 44,000,000 yen
Main Businesses:
– Game operation/development consignment
– Gaming industry-specialized HR
– Game application inbound/outbound
– Enterprise xR

Name: Institute for Information Industry
Representative: Dr. Yau-Hwang Kuo, Chairman
Address: 11F, No.106, Sec.2, Heping E.Rd., Taipei 106, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Business areas
– Support for training human resources
– Technical support for the industry
– Support for company interaction
– Support for corporate establishment and international investment

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