Linked Brain Becomes a Development Partner for Sun Corporation’s AceReal Smart Glass

We have signed a development partner contract with Sun Corporation to support development of applications for the AceReal smart glass they produce and sell.
Linked Brain has already taken part in planning & development and creative projects in the xR business field (VR, AR, MR) for enterprises, and has a track record with corporate clients outside the gaming industry. We shall continue to draw on the expertise in planning and production that we have built up through creating gaming entertainment, working to focus this on enterprises to provide optimal experiences and sensations.
Building on these technologies, we shall support the development of applications for AceReal that meet the varying needs of clients.

What is AceReal?

AceReal is a smart glass developed by Sun Corporation, and a total solution that offers a one-stop fix for AR, business support software, and SDKs. The AceReal smart glass uses a wide-viewing-angle, high-resolution, high-luminance dual-eye see-through display. It is dust and water repellant, and can be worn safely with helmets, design elements based on the concept of being smart glass that can be used in the workplace
What is AceReal?

Our development partner

Through this development partner contract with Sun Corporation, Linked Brain will collaborate by receiving the following services in order to improve client convenience for AceReal.
– Software development kits (SDKs)
– Access rights to knowledge databases
– Smart glass
– Technical support related to SDKs
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About Linked Brain’s services

Linked Brain’s business is based on game development using Unity, Unreal Engine 4, and so on, rolling out services aimed at enterprises with a focus on VR/AR areas that uses gaming technology. We shall utilize development packages for AceReal aimed at improving business efficiency for companies to support the introduction of AceReal for enterprise business clients.

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