Linked Brain Starts Multi-Platform Porting Service Using “G-Link5”

Linked Brain Inc. (Representative Directors: Minoru Fujita, Shingo Iwamoto. Address: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Hereafter, “Linked Brain”) has started a service for porting to multiple platforms in “G-Link5,” a business platform that support game development and operation.

G-Link5 service
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Linked Brain has formed a team for porting in the development of multi-platform games,
working with each platform while it is responsible for development in porting.


■What is a porting service?

It is a migration service to expand revenue bases over multiple channels by developing existing smartphone apps into PC/browser-type platforms.


■Features of our porting service

Our porting service has three main features
1. Development in as little as two months.
2. No operational costs if using multiple log-ins, as sources are shared.
3. A wealth of knowledge of APIs and regulations of each platform.


■Steps in porting

– “I want to expand into multiple platforms but don’t have any development resources.”
– “I don’t have any engineers who can work with HTML5, etc.
– “I don’t have the time to work on billing authentication or APIs etc. on the server side.”

If these sound familiar, then send us an e-mail.



Linked Brain Inc.

■ G-Link5
G-Link5 is a business platform that supports game development and operation in conjunction with game companies and companies connected to the gaming world. Some of the support it can offer is in the development of new platform titles and the operational migration of existing titles.

Its main features are listed below.

– Provides a development and operational system for technical trends required in the development of new games, and support services for new technologies such as HTML5.
– Human resources support services for game development and operation.
– Linked Brain takes a flat position, working closely with various platform companies to provide information on technology and other areas.
– Provides a system for supporting resources and liaising with cross-industry services through an alliance of business operators who develop, create, or operate games.
– Mutual collaboration with game operation companies, development companies, and creative companies, and construction of training for human resources and harmonious career paths (RPO).


■Company Overview

Company Name : Linked Brain Inc.
Representative : Representative Directors Minoru Fujita and Shingo Iwamoto
Corporate Address : Kojimachi M Building, 4F, 3-12-12 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Capital : 44,000,000 yen
URL  :

Main Businesses:
– Game operation/development consignment
– Gaming industry-specialized HR
– Game application inbound/outbound
– Enterprise xR

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