Linked Brain Starts Sales of Assets for Unreal Engine 4

We have started selling a range of assets on the “Marketplace” game assets sales page for the Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) provided by Epic Games.
Linked Brain has been providing services aimed at enterprises and game development using UE4.
We will now sell selected assets to allow the use of even more services. Initially, we will provide two types of sound assets, Zipang and Zipang ChipTune, which are collections of game music with Japanese-style motifs.

Product explanation

The initial offering of Zipang and Zipang ChipTune background music collections have been created from the concept of enjoying Japanese retro-style dramas, movies, and television programs (including dramas). While creating an Asian, oriental mood, they will help people overseas to get a sense of the resplendent, elegant atmosphere of the “Japan” that easily comes to mind for people overseas—the Japan of samurai and ninjas that is so popular around the world, as well as the castles and towns of Japan. This background music collection is played on traditional Japanese instruments to match Japanese-style situations. It is full of universal background music rich in Japanese-style mood that can be used for a range of different scenes, including movies, fields, and battle scenes.

Normal version (Zipang): 10 pieces

ChipTune version (Zipang ChipTune): 9 pieces

About UE4 Marketplace

Advanced game engines like UE4 allow individuals or small companies to develop games as well, and so by using the officially-recognized Epic Games marketplace to buy and sell assets, developers and designers can easily supplement each other. The Marketplace appears to be active overseas. Linked Brain will contribute to the revitalization of the Marketplace not only overseas but in Japan as well, by creating and providing a series of convenient assets.

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